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How a shoot works

There are 5 stages to every photoshoot with me. Each step of the way focuses on building and maintaining a relationship through communication, transparency and, of course, having fun along the way!

1. The Initial Consultation – I want to talk about your vision, expectations, concerns, location, budget, and timeline. This could be in person, over the phone, or via email. Why do I do this? Partly because I love to chat over coffee, but also because the most important thing in photography is everyone involved in creating it. We’re a team. I want to know who you are and I want you to know who I am. I want us to go into the shoot understanding one another. It helps both you and I relax, which is a good thing!

2. The Contract – I’ll send you an email with a contract that will cover everything we talked about, from the quote to the timeline to the method of delivery. This isn’t the fun part, but it’s the best way to protect the both of us in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

3. The Day – I’ll check in with you to see if there’s any last second “what if we did…” thoughts. I’ll pack my equipment and make my way over to the location to meet you. At the shoot, we’ll laugh, we’ll talk, we’ll get the photos done. You’ll see how the photos are coming out in the moment. We’ll adjust and keep going. Communication and good energy are vital for great photos, so I make sure we focus on both.

4. The Post Processing Process – I want to get you involved in the selecting of images. We could be looking at the same photo and see two different things. We’ll work together to select which images are keepers and we’ll talk about the editing process. We’ll confirm the delivery date and method.

5. Delivery – The last step is the delivery of the final images. I’ll provide you with a Dropbox link to your album, which will be live for 1 full year, ensuring you have plenty of time to download them. If there was a physical storage media or prints involved, you’ll receive that in the mail.

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